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Curriculum & Ethos

What does teaching and learning look like at Meadows?

meadows mouseWe want our children at Meadows to love learning and to be left with memorable experiences that will stay with them for life. With this in mind, we have decided to shape our curriculum around the needs of the learners in our school and our community.

The National Curriculum, which is a mastery curriculum, determines "What is to be taught" and the school curriculum increasingly determines "How it is taught". Our starting point was to decide on the key skills, attributes, experiences and knowledge that we want our children to leave Meadows with. 

We follow a creative approach to our curriculum whenever possible, linking areas of learning together under topics/themes making lots of cross- curricular links. In this way, we aim to make teaching and learning exciting, interesting, dynamic and inspiring for our pupils. We also hope that children will appreciate how many of the areas for learning are linked to each other, and that we need to be able to transfer skills from one area (such as maths, science, computing) to other subjects.

We provide the pupils with exciting opportunities and take note of pupil voice to support the planning of work to be covered.  We include challenges to extend thinking. This planning method requires teachers to actively think about what their curriculum needs to meet the needs of their pupils.


The needs of our children are changing all the time. There is now a far greater need for acquiring personal and social skills that can be used in life and in the work place. We think it is important that we teach our children how to grow into caring, polite and responsible citizens, who can work and co-operate with others while developing knowledge and skills.

We actively promote British Values such as democracy, mutual respect, and tolerance.  The celebration of special events and traditions play an important role in school life.

We aim to give pupils every opportunity to fully achieve their true potential. We also spend time teaching children about what makes a good learner; the children have created a character called 'Meadows Mouse' who reminds us of how we can be a good learner. Click here to see how.