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Healthy Schools

lg Healthy 060Meadows are very proud to have been awarded a National Healthy Schools Status award for several years. With increasing media coverage regarding healthy eating and the state of school meals, we feel that it is very important to keep up this standard.

lg Healthy 065We participate in the Free Fruit for Schools initiative to help to encourage the children to eat a portion of fresh fruit daily, instead of a snack such as crisps or chocolate. This means that we are able to offer all pupils the opportunity to eat a piece of fruit each day. We have seen pupils sampling tomatoes, apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, carrots and even mini cucumbers! Some have been better received than others, but at least they are being tried!

lg Healthy 070Continuing the drive to encourage healthy eating we invited our favourite professional chef Idris Caldora to return to school. He asked pupils to think about the items they had in their lunch boxes each day and to try and ensure they had the correct balance of energy, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, salt and sugar. The whole school was then asked to complete a collage or drawing of the contents of a Healthy Lunch Box. Poor Idris then had the unenviable task of choosing a winner!

lg Healthy 072Idris also supported the pupils of Years Three and Four as they looked at fruits and vegetables from various countries and made spicy bean & salad wraps with a homemade mayonnaise dressing. Absolutely delicious!

Even our youngest pupils have looked at the importance of a healthy lunch box. The children discussed what not to include in their lunch boxes and made fresh fruit smoothies from their daily milk and fruit portions.

The children in Year One made their own fruit salads and staff from Waitrose visited our Reception pupils, arriving with trays of fruits from across the world for them to sample.

lg Healthy 078

Media and medical evidence highlighted that levels of concentration in the classroom were enhanced by the provision of fresh water to drink, so we introduced bottled, fresh, filtered water into every class. Pupils now have their own bottled water available on their desks during lesson times.

With all of these schemes and initiatives constantly in use throughout the school we were delighted to be once again awarded a National Healthy Schools Status award.

The children in Years Two and Three have worked very hard at the displays in their classrooms, showing the different aspects of keeping healthy that are shown on this page.