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Our School

In Years 1 to 4 the children follow the National Curriculum 2014. The subjects of the National Curriculum 2014 are English, Mathematics, Science, R.E. (Religious Education) and Computing, History, Geography, Music, Art and Design, P.E. (Physical Education), PSHE (Personal Social Health & Citizenship Education.)  Languages (currently French and Spanish) are also covered in Year 3 and 4.

Click here for the Parents' Guide to the National Curriculum.

The children are taught in mixed ability groups throughout the school. Emphasis is placed on matching the curriculum encountered with a child's personal development. We believe that the quality of teaching and learning is at the centre of our desire to raise standards. We use a range of resources as a starting point for our topics: challenges, quality texts, questions, pupils' interests and own enquiry, and world events.

Breadth of Curriculum

Depth of Curriculum

Here are the curriculum subjects taught in Year 1Year 2Year 3 and Year 4.

On each year group's page, you will find more information about the curriculum content and topics being covered.

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science 2English



Religious Education (R.E.)




Physical Education



Art & Design

Design & Technology                                                                                          

Equal Opportunities 

Meadows commitment to Learning in Partnership implies a nurturing and valuing of others. Inherent in this is the commitment to tolerance and respect regardless of race, gender, religion, physical ability, social experience or age. We therefore, encourage mixed groupings and positive interactions, ensure full participation by all children in all curricular activities and monitor the performance of different groups to ensure fair opportunity is given to all.
The school believes that racism is wrong and it will not tolerate racist attitudes amongst its staff, pupils, or those who visit the school. Staff will always challenge racist attitudes and behaviour. (Racism is defined by the school as attitudes and actions directed against a person by virtue of the fact of their colour and or ethnicity in such a way as to hurt another or to engage in stereotyping) School will not tolerate racist taunting or bullying and in certain cases will contact the police, especially if parents are involved.


Sex and Relationship Education

In compliance with Section 17 of the Education (No. 2) Act 1986, the Governors of Meadows First School have considered that sex education should form part of the secular curriculum of the school.

The following is a proposed statement of policy regarding the content and organisation of the subject in the school. Section 46 of the Act requires that:
"where sex education is given to any registered pupils at the school, it is given in such a manner as to encourage those pupils to have due regard for moral considerations and the value of family life."
With this requirement in mind, sex education, as such, will be taught to the children in Year Four as a natural progression to the Health Education curriculum. Parents may ask the Head Teacher for their child to be withdrawn from all or part of sex education.