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English Policy

Click the link to learn about the teaching of English in the school.

Phonics: To support the teaching of reading and writing, we teach phonics at Meadows using a programme called 'Letters and Sounds.' Click here to find out more about the teaching of phonics.

Writing: It is important for children to learn how to form their letters correctly; we use cursive writing at Meadows.

To begin with, children need to be able to hold their pencil correctly and need to develop pencil control.

Here are some ideas to help your child with their handwriting. This is a powerpoint that shows you how to form letters correctly.

Cursive alphabet and Handwriting help sheets

Reading: We use several Reading Schemes when children are at school. When teaching and using phonics we use Letters and Sounds. We use reading schemes that are colour coded, so that the children move through each level systematically. Initially we use phonics based books including Oxford Reading Tree; we include other schemes to complement this such as ProjectX, Dandelion books and Bug Club so that the children are exposed to a range of books. As the children's confidence, fluency and understanding develops, they move up through each colour level until they  are able to choose 'free readers' which are non colour coded. We encourage children to read a wide a range of books. This is supported by regular trips to the local library and our school library.

At Meadows we believe that learning doesn't have to stay in school. As parents you can all help your children develop and progress more and more in the comfort of your own home, on a train journey, even on an aeroplane in the holidays simply by reading books. You don't even have to stick to school books. Any books, magazines or newspapers all help. Go on ... grab a book

Please find below suggested reading lists for each year group:

Year 1 reading list

Year 2 reading list

Year 3 reading list

Year 4 reading list

Book lists for reluctant readers - KS2




EducationCity is the engaging and fun way to learn for children. Packed full of educational games and activities, and now with its own Fan Club community, EducationCity is the number one website for children. It is award-winning, used in over 15,500 schools and in many thousands of homes, and research in schools has shown that students' exam results improve as a result of its use.  

Every child at Meadows has a login so they can access their own account.  In KS1 the login is in the Reading Record book, in KS2, you will find your child's login at the back of their planner. 

Use the url to access the Worcestershire Learning Gateway, enter the child's user name and click 'Log in'. The pictures for the password will appear. Links to Education City and other fun sites can be found here.

If your child has lost their login please feel free to come and speak to their class teacher.


Other helpful online sites