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news News & Letters

Keep up to date with the fantastic things that are going on a Meadows First School, find out about our latest news, download the latest newsletters, find out what we are celebrating and the exciting things we are involved in inside and outside school! Please see the office if you would like a paper copy of a newsletter or any other document from the website, which we will be happy to give you free of charge.

newsletter-no-39-19th-july-2019Newsletter No. 39 19th July 2019
newsletter-no-38-12th-july-2019Newsletter No. 38 12th July 2019
newsletter-no-37-5th-july-2019Newsletter No. 37 5th July 2019
newsletter-no-36-28th-june-2019Newsletter No. 36 28th June
newsletter-no-35-21st-june-2019Newsletter No. 35 21st June 2019
newsletter-no-34-14th-june-2019Newsletter No. 34 14th June 2019
newsletter-no-33-7th-june-2019Newsletter No. 33 7th June 2019
newsletter-no-32-24th-may-2019Newsletter No. 32 24th May 2019
newsletter-no-31-17th-may-2019Newsletter No. 31 17th May 2019
newsletter-no-30-10th-may-2019Newsletter No. 30 10th May 2019
newsletter-no-29-may-2019Newsletter No. 29 May 2019
newsletter-no-28-12th-april-2019Newsletter No. 28 12th April 2019
newsletter-no-27-5th-april-2019Newsletter No. 27 5th April 2019
newsletter-no-26-29th-march-2019Newsletter No. 26 29th March 2019
newsletter-no-25-22nd-march-2019Newsletter No. 25 22nd March 2019
newsletter-no-24-14th-march-2019Newsletter No. 24 14th March 2019
newsletter-no-23-8th-march-2019Newsletter No. 23 8th March 2019
newsletter-no-22-1st-march-2019Newsletter No. 22 1st March 2019
newsletter-no-21-15th-february-2019Newsletter No. 21 15th February 2019
newsletter-no-20-8th-february-2019Newsletter No. 20 8th February 2019