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School Council at Meadows First School  Welcome to Meadows First School Council


The School Council at Meadows First School

School Council

The School Council meet a few times each half term. Meetings last about half an hour. In between meetings, classes hold discussion or feedback meetings with their class in which relevant issues are discussed. If you have something you want us to discuss at School Council please tell your class councillor.

Each class, from Year 1 onwards, has two school councillors, usually a boy and a girl, although this is not always the case. It is up to each class to vote for their councillors. We think being on school council gives you a chance to discuss things with other children in school from other year groups. It is good to let lots of people have the chance to do this important job.

Last year some of the ideas we proposed included;

Choosing the charities we will collect for throughout the year.

What do pupils consider to be healthy snacks?

We went through the behaviour policy to make sure we all felt safe.

We nominated names for a local care home and its new lounge overlooking our school field.

We looked at Meadows Mouse and how he helps us to become a good learner.

We met with our local MP Sajid Javid together with Parkside and Sidemoor school councils and discussed British Values at our schools.

We voted in our classes for the new name for our Dragon created with the help of an artist in residence. We chose Willow, as that is what it is made of.


Mrs. Dodman helps the councillors to chair the meeting and to write up the minutes after each meeting. we even say who was present and who sends their apologies. Recently, one of the school Governors came to see how our meetings ran. She was very impressed.

After talking to our classes, the school council have discussed ideas and ordered new play ground equipment for playtimes. They were keen to look through the catalogues and had some big ideas! They were keen to have lots of multisensory equipment. Balls with bells in and balls that bounce in an unusal way were ordered along with tin can alley and some action dice that encourage us to get moving! 

Our current idea is to make a promotional video about our school. We are keen for it to be from our point of view and we have gathered lots of ideas from our classmates. We watched a video that another school had made and we were very impressed with it. It was easy to think of ideas for our video as we do so many lovely things.