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Eco Council at Meadows First School The Eco Council at Meadows First School


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Eco Council


Eco Schools Newsletter Autumn 2018

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Meadows First School is proud of its status as Green Flag holder and Ambassador School for Eco Schools. We work hard to care for the environment in the classroom, in our outdoor areas, and in our links with the world around us.

We have been involved in the programme since 2005 and have been awarded the prestigious Green Flag four times for the work we do throughout the school and its wider community.

In 2011 we were the first school in the country to be awarded Ambassador status for our work with the community in promoting sustainability.
In 2013 we, again, were awarded Ambassador status.

The programme is run by our Eco Council, with representatives from Year 1 through to Year 4 along with Mrs Date. We carry out an environmental review every Autumn and then use that to create an action plan for the year.


Meadows Eco Council have been very busy this year working on different projects as part of our Eco Schools Action Plan.

We have worked hard in school to try to reduce the number of lights, computers and screens left on  during our ‘ Switch It Off’ Project. We carried out ‘secret snoops around the school to find out which classes needed some help to remember to switch things off.

We have also been working hard to improve our school grounds and encourage wildlife onto our site. We have planted lots of flowers around the school, sown a meadow and planted a hedge.











The councillors have  been working hard to persuade every one to make healthy choices for snacks at break time, and thanks to their hard work some classes have shown a huge improvement in the number of children choosing fruit for their snacks.

We have other projects to come this year, including Healthy Schools Week.  This year we are trying something new and have given each year group Eco Challenges to work on during the year.


Switch It Off Fortnight

switchMeadows Eco Council have been busy holding 'Switch It Off Fortnight'.

We met with the ‘Energy Manager’ from BAM, who run our school building, to find out he uses computers to control the heating and some of the electricity in the school. With his help we decided to have a competition to see who could be the best Eco Class and Eco Teacher in remembering to ‘Switch It Off’ when they weren’t using appliance and lights in the classrooms.

Our Eco Councillors worked with Parkside Middle School Eco Council to set up an Energy Event for parents and children to come along to. We were helped by Act On Energy who came along with an electric car and a thermal camera, and Worcestershire County Council and Worcester Bosch who provided free books and thermometers for everyone, to help them find out more about saving energy at home. It was a great success with lots of children and adults coming along.


Eco Bin!

The Eco Council have decorated a recycling bin for the library. Here they are with the finished bin!


Ambassador School

The country's first super-green Ambassador schools have been announced by Eco-Schools England.

meadows eco 02ccu ambassador schoolSt Edward's School in Rochdale, Meadows First School in Bromsgrove and Freemantle School in Southamptonare the first Green Flag Ambassador Eco-Schools in England.

The programme now has more than 15,000 Eco-Schools particpating making it the largest sustainable schools programme in the world.

The free global programme helps almost 40,000 schools to think and act sustainably, from America to China, and in England more than 60% of all schools are working towards this goal.

 meadows eco 03cThe programme assesses a school's sustainable credentials across nine areas; litter, energy, water, waste, transport, healthy living, schools grounds, biodiversity and global citizenship. Schools are then required to undertake projects that help them achieve awards ranging from the initial Bronze award to the prestigious Green Flag award.

eco-schools-flagAmbassador schools are the programme's shining success stories and will undertake the practical role of sharing best practice with other schools nationally and in their area. They embody the ideal of what a green school should look and feel like and have impressed experts who view them as a world-class example of a sustainable school.

In Bromsgrove, Meadow's First have worked alongside their local authority to influence and galvanise support form their local area. This has enabled the school to achieve enhanced Healthy School status as a result of excellent healthy living projects.

meadows eco 04cAndrew Suter, Eco-Schools programme manager, said: "These ambassador schools are evidence that schools, pupils and their families are at the heart of making green changes in our communities."

"Their spectacular work and their commitment to becoming sustainable is an example to us all and they should be incredibly proud of their successes."