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Our recent Ofsted inspection in March 2019 judged us to be an Outstanding school in every area. Click here to read our report.

As you will be aware we had an Ofsted inspection on 22nd March which was a section 8, a one day, inspection. Our last inspection was in 2014 when Ofsted evaluated us to be a ‘good’ school.

A new Ofsted handbook was published on the 21st Dec 2017 which included changes to the outcomes of a short inspection of a ‘good’ school. The possible outcomes from a short inspection of a good school are now the following four options:

Outcome 1: The school continues to be a good school.

Outcome 2: The school remains good and there is sufficient evidence of improved performance to suggest that the school may be judged outstanding if it received a section 5 inspection now, a more indepth two day inspection.

Outcome 3: The lead inspector is not satisfied that the school would receive at least its current grade if a section 5 inspection were carried out now.

Outcome 4: The lead inspector has gathered evidence that suggests the school may be inadequate in one or more of the graded judgements

We are pleased to announce that we achieved the best outcome from this inspection (outcome 2).


Meadows First School Ofsted One Day Inspection 2018


 ofsted graded us a good schoolMeadows First School OfSTED report 2014